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Lepper Financial Services| Welland ON

About us

Lepper Financial Services is a company in the Niagara Region. We offer financial advice and wealth management strategies to families and small to medium size business clients.

Our unique logo conveys several meanings. As a financial services organization, we certainly want to grow the wealth of our clientele and maximize its transfer to future generations or philanthropic interests. To this end, we chose the leopard. It is vigilant and on the prowl for the best private and public investments, insurance products, and legal structures which can maximize our client’s wealth. In addition, the old saying ‘a leopard can’t change its spots’ is fundamentally applied with all of our client’s cooperation. We understand that circumstances change over time, yet at each transition, we tailor our services to meet your needs, your lifestyle and your financial situation. We are here to serve you. As for the colours? Is there anyone out there that wouldn’t like to see a little more of the ‘green’? We thought that gold would be pretty good, too.


Jamie Lepper, CLU, CHS
Chartered Life Underwriter
Certified Health Insurance Specialist
Investment Representative
Jamie Lepper | Lepper Financial Services | Welland ON

CPCA - Certified Health Insurance Specialist CLU